Monday, 14 February 2011

Romantic Train Journeys - Switzerland

When you think about the most romantic mode of transportation, what comes to mind? Cars take concentration. Bus rides are too busy. Cruises only deliver you to ports reachable by water. Trains, though, are a terrific way for couples to travel. 
Seated side by side, you get to view magnificent scenery through your window. There's time to kiss. Sleep. Dream. Whether you board a scenic train, an overnight train, or even scenic commuter trains, you're likely to find such rides great fun for two.

Swiss Train Rides


The country best known for its clean, modern, on-time trains, Switzerland offers visitors an incomparable way to experience the countryside. Couples you can go from point to point at their leisure or speedily. In fact, vacationers in Switzerland can ride from mountain top to balmy beach by train in less than two hours. Imagine skiing in the morning at Engelberg, attending the Zurich Opera at night, and leaving the details to the highly efficient and dependable
Swiss Travel System?
Swiss train stations, staffed by multi-lingual personnel, function as service centers complete with currency exchanges, luggage-storage facilities, and bicycle rentals.

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